Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dimitrio's Foot Fetish! (capitulo 122)

Here are the uncensored details and photos of Dimitrio&Monica's *spicy* night together:
Dimitrio picks up Monica for their date- and WoW is her shirt skanky!
They drink a whole bottle of wine together at a fancy restaurant.
 They're drunk! jajaja, so of course they start making out in the parking lot...
 and then move things straight to the bedroom!
WoW the slit on Monica's skirt is skanky- she's almost flashing us! She covers Dimitrio's eyes with her shoe so he can't see anything, jaja!
 Dimitrio has A LOT of fun taking off Monica's shoes and admiring her little toes.
Monica looks like she's enjoying herself, too...
 Dimitrio kisses Monica's feet and slowly moves his lips up her smooth legs.
And finally they make it into bed for a happy ending :-) awww!
episode 122 aired in the USA on May 1, 2014 but most of this love-making scene was censored out

Capitulo 122 (Josefina's makeover)

Nadia agrees to do a piano concert because they could really use the money- but she does not allow the promoters to use her name, she wants to remain anonymous so Pedro can't find out she's alive.
Nadia played beautifully, it brought the crowd to tears :-) Josefina is in the audience and waves at Nadia and shouts her name (of course Nadia can't see Josefina). A man takes Nadia's photo with his cell phone camera (this is totally bad! I bet Pedro sees that picture soon...)
Josefina goes backstage to see Nadia, she's so excited! It's been 7 years, WoW!
(Josefina's makeover: before & after pics )
Josefina asks Nadia won't look her in the eyes... "are you mad at me?"
Nadia tries to pretend everything is normal...
"Nadia! I'm BEHIND you!" ........."OH MY GOD, Nadia, you're BLIND!"
The women hug and cry together. There's so much Josefina has missed since she left Aguazul.
Esmerelda & Refugio and Montserrat & Jose Luis go on their double date / hang out night:
Refugio is very aloof on the double date, he ignores Esmerelda because he's thinking about Monica. Everyone notices how unaffectionate Refugio is with Esmerelda :-(
(Jose Luis is wearing a lot of pink lately, it's making me really uncomfortable... jajajaa!)
 Jose Luis tries to flirt with Montserrat by touching her hand, but all she wants to talk about is how much she misses Alejandro and Angelica *sigh* She's such a party pooper!
 Remember how Maria had those documents about Alejandro that were stolen from Pedro? Well Ezequiel has them now... so Aldofo asks Ezequiel where Maria is hiding now. Ezequiel tells Aldofo to stay away from that girl, she's nothing but trouble!! 
Josefina goes home with Nadia and is delighted to see Victor,
"I always knew there was something going on between you two!" jaja
(here's the back of Josefina's hair- it's braided and pinned up, very cute!)
Victor & Nadia tell Josefina about why they left Aguazul, and about the last phone call Alejandro received... Montserrat is dead :-(
 Josefina never wants to go back to Aguazul now!
When Montserrat gets back from her evening with Jose Luis, Rosario yells at her for cheating on Alejandro! Montserrat yells back "ALEJANDRO IS DEAD!"
 Rosario is most pissed that Montserrat would go back to Jose Luis, of all people, WHY him?! Montserrat "he is a good man, and we are just friends!"
Rosario "how can you say that? he was your first love!"
Montserrat "and Alejandro is my last!"
Both women crumble and cry. Rosario refuses to believe Alejandro is dead.
Montserrat shows Mama Rosario the cell phone video Alejandro made.
 (Montserrat's makeup is beautiful... aside from that HOOKER RED lipstick! oh, and her hair sucks)
 Rosario watches the video and cries in pain :-( in her heart she knows he's still alive, ha has to be!!
this episode aired in the USA on May 1, 2014