Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Grettell Valdez's telenovela! (Quiero odiarte, pero te amo)

Grettell Valdez will be the main evil character in "Quiero odiarte, pero te amo" (a remake/based on the 1998 novela "la Mentira") coming in 2015, exciting!! :-D 
Grettell Valdez makes a wicked awesome villainess!
Grettell and Ana Brenda Conteras play two sisters fighting for the heart of Ivan Sanchez.
Ivan Sanchez starred with William Levy in "La Tempestad" and I don't think he's attractive.
I do think Aaron Diaz is HOT as Hell tho! Let's look at pictures of him! YUM!
Grettel acted with Aaron back in 2002 in "Clase 406" (Sebastian Rulli, too!)
Grettell (Carlota) y Aaron Diaz (Alexander) in "Lola Erase Una Vez" in 2007:
Ana Brenda starred with Aaron Diaz in "Barrera de Amor" in 2005.
Ana Brenda starred with Aaron Diaz, Angelique Boyer, and Sebastian Rulli in "Teresa" in 2010.
Ana Brenda and Angelique Boyer fought over the heart of Aaron Diaz... (Ana won in the end)
 Grettell Valdez then starred with Angelique Boyer & Sebastian Rulli in "Lo Que la Vida me Robo"
 and here are some more great pics of Grettell:
Merry Christmas!
 Grettell Valdez without makeup:
Ana Brenda starred with sexy William Levy in "Sortilegio" in 2009.
William Levy starred with Maite Pepperoni in "Cuidado con el Angel" in 2008 and "Triunfo del Amor" in 2010.
I LOVE "Rebelde" so I like Maite~
Maite Perroni and Aaron Diaz did a commercial for Colgate toothpaste (and maybe cameras, too):
In 2011 William Levy and Angelique Boyer were named to hottest actors in telenovelas. Too bad they have not made any telenovelas together yet! QUE RICOS! NO?
Angelique & William also filmed a sexy tv commercial together for Ruffles potato chips.