Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dimitrio & Ezequiel in "Me Late Chocolate"

I came across the movie "Me Late Chocolate" (2013) on Netflix today and was happily surprised
to see Dimitrio (Osvaldo Benavidaes) and Ezequiel (Alexis Ayala) in it!
Dimitrio is the leading heart-throb, there's a love-making scene 1 hour into the movie.
(WHY won't he pluck that damn unibrow?! It's so fucking UGLY! AHHHHH!)
Ezequiel plays a man who's cheating on his wife, jaja, he takes the girl to his house and she finds women's shoes in his closet & a drawer full of wedding photos. The sleazy guy also has a tan line from where he took off his weeding ring.
When I was looking up photos, I also found Lauro (Rogelio Guerra) was at the movie premiere because his son Carlo was in the movie:

Capitulo 118 (Jose Luis gets out of jail)

 Jose has been working out in jail, his body is looking damn sexy.........
except for those angel wings tattooed on his back! jajajaja
 Jose Luis takes a shower, here's some pics of him wet & naked, yum!
 Jose Luis is released from prison :-) FINALLY!!
 Esmerelda picks up Jose Luis (because Refugio is setting up a surprise party at home).
 Graciela is looking so damn stylish today, hot damn!
Graciela tells Fabiola she's come to get her half of the inheritance money owed to her. 
Fabiola refuses... Graciela tells Fabiola how Alejandro's DNA test results were fake and how Montserrat's baby deserves all the money- he is the *only* Almonte left; Fabiola is not true Al1monte blood. Graciela wants her 50% or she will destroy Fabiola and get all the money from her!
Aldofo is going LOCO like Maria- looking in the mirror and fantasizing...
about professing his love to Josefina, and how it was love at first sight with Maria...
how he pulled the trigger and almost killed Maria :-(
Aldofo has no qualms about shooting people now, that's for sure!
(he also has no chest hair or happy trail, which is kinda awkward...)
Look at the smirk on his face, jaja, how could any woman resist him?!
It's been many years, he goes to the strip club and tries to see Maria again.
 Jose Luis says the first thing he wants to do after getting out of jail is... see Montserrat!
So, Esmerelda takes him shopping for a new suit, then takes him to Montserrat's bakery.
 Jose Luis peeps through the window at Montserrat, she's as beautiful as the day they first met!
this episode aired in the USA on April 25, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Capitulo 117 (7 years later)

While Alejandro, Nadia & Victor are still missing and assumed dead after the plane wreck...
Ezequiel & Carlotta are in love more than ever.
 Pedro is seducing Amelia... both of their spouses have died and they're finding comfort in each other.
Graciela hasn't told anyone she still has Alejandro's phone or what she said to him on that last call.
Graciela finds Alejandro's video message to Montserrat where he tells her to go with Jose Luis to meet him at the hideout and to trust *only* Jose Luis because he's willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for her happiness! This makes Graciela very, sinfully, happy.
* * * * * * *
 Montserrat goes to bed with baby Lauro, she talks to Alejandro's spirit, she'll never give up hope he'll return! She'll stay strong, raise Lauro, keep a clean house- when he comes back everything will be perfect again! The family will be complete again, one day!!
 Rosario tucks Montserrat & Lauro in bed and turns off the light...
***** Montserrat wakes up and it's 7 years later!! *****
 Laurito grew up into a super NERD boy with glasses! This novela went downhill fast!!
Montserrat still misses Alejandro, she kisses his photo and cries.
 Graciela's house is a mess because she can't afford maids anymore, jaja! Carlotta married Ezequiel.
 Graciela asks Carlotta for money. Carlotta offers to buy the house from her, Graciela has no choice.
 Dimitrio looks like he got a makeover. Montserrat looks like shit and isn't wearing any lipstick.
Esmerelda is 6 months pregnant!
 Fabiola is living happily in the Almonte hacienda, she got her inheritance.
And Amelia married Pedro "for companionship." Virginia is at school in Europe.
 * * * * * * *
Montserrat used some of the money Jose Luis 'anonymously' gave her to open a bakery with Macario and Dominga. They are successful, grateful, and happy as can be.
Esmerelda is very upset at how GORDA pregnant she is! jajaja
 She says that Refugio never kisses her on the mouth anymore :-( she's fat and ugly.
Aldofo is still working for Pedro... and now he's just as evil!
Aldofo has no problem shooting people dead now, it's just business.
this episode aired in the USA on April 24, 2014