Sunday, November 23, 2014

Angelique & Sebastian at Latin Grammys

 Angelique's dresses & novios: 2011 with El Guero Castro vs. 2014 with Sebastian
What the hell is Angelique wearing this year?! did she sew it together herself?!
Angelique Boyer's 2011 dress was very slutty! she was practically naked with a little lace covering nips
is that a fake pocket on her blouse? and are those acorn earrings?!
girl- this top knot bun on the top of her head :-( not cute
and here's a flashback comparison to Sebastian Rulli at a previous Latin Grammy's = no bueno!!
he looks much better this year, super rico~
*************click to enlarge fotos*************
walking in:
taking pics with friends:
\/ Angelique is looking a little smarmy \/ 
is Angelique is jealous of that woman's dress?
Eiza Gonzales (Sebastian's former lover from Amores Verdaderos)
Jackie Brocamontes (Sebastian's former lover from Rubi)
^look- how did Angelique change her dress? what the hell is going on??
Angelique & Sebastian presenting:
the crowd cheered and begged Angelique & Sebastian to kiss, but they refused
 enjoying the show:
extra cute pics: