Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Angelique Boyer & Maite Perroni (REBELDE flashback)

I found this recent pic of Angelique Boyer hanging out with Maite Perroni (and Ana Brenda, Jacky Bracamontes, and some other famous guy I don't know)- and I'm having some serious REBELDE nostalgia right now! :-)
Angelique and Maite shared the cover of People en EspaƱol's 50 most beautiful people issue last year.
But it feels like only yesterday when I was watching them on "Rebelde" LOL it was yesterday! because "Rebelde" is being re-aired on Univision every weekday morning, I LOVE it! THANK YOU!
These pics are from when everyone went to a 70s disco bar:
I like Vico with ice blue hair... but the pink really suited her best.
Here's a guide to all the Rebelde characters in case you forgot:
Lupita was a good girl and Vico was a wild child.
here's Vico riding a dolphin, how cool!
If any of you remember Rebelde, you know Vico was dating Diego first...
then Roberta unintentionally stole his heart away, haha!
Roberta and Vico hated eachother! and the drama was funny
poor Vico! jajajaja
Vico then went on to briefly date Poncho (Alfonso Herrera)
and later Vico had a fling with Giovanni,,, which was really weird...
EVERYBODY on Rebelde was having fun and making out... except Maite! She was a prude!
 Vico and Mia were total Barbie doll divas!
 Here's young Angelique Boyer wearing way too much makeup:
and some nice clean face pics:
And some Dulce & Anahi gifs:
Teo and Lujan were a cute couple- don't forget them!